We would like to kindly invite you to our modernly equipped, fully ecological vehicles dismantling station. The station was created with reference to vehicles owners, who would like to demonstrate their care for environment in which we are living in everyday life.
As the dismantling station we are providing the following:

issuing proper certificates, which allow unimpeded and unproblematic deregistration of a vehicle,
annulment of a vehicle registration card and vehicle’s license plates,
free of charge collection of a vehicle,
submitting a vehicle to modern utilization and recycling processes, to ensure that the vehicle would not become a threat to our environment,
professional equipment, as well as, friendly and professional personnel,
interesting stock of spare parts.

Required documents:

ID card of the owner/co-owner or a written power of attorney, in case when the person deregistering a vehicle is not its owner,
vehicle registration card,
vehicle card – when issued,
in case the owner of a vehicle has been changed and was not re-registered, the purchase agreement of the vehicle is necessary,
in case of lack of a vehicle registration card – certified copy of the card.

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