Dear Sir or Madam,

we are a company with a long - lasting tradition. Our core activity from many years has been connected with recycling of scrap materials and since 2005 we have specialized in recycling of end-of-life vehicles. Within the Polish nation-wide network of recycling of vehicles we are bringing together over 150 of dismantling stations and collection points for end-of-life vehicles.

We run the dismantling station on our own in the city of Grudziądz, therefore we are able to fully understand the specific nature of this sector. Our aim is to integrate the environment of dismantling stations in order to jointly gain knowledge and experience necessary for operating within this highly demanding market. Our common mission is continuous striving for improvement of the quality of environment and, at the same time, a professional approach to requirements deriving from civilization changes accompanying us in everyday life.

In order to achieve our aims, knowledge of law and legal obligations is necessary, together with continuously growing experience. We are willing to share this knowledge and trying to use the experience of our Partners, among who, we can proudly say, are also our good acquaintances.

„We have only one Earth, and its future depends on seemingly slight, human activity, depends on every one of us” – Florian Plit

Yours faithfully,

The Management Board